Our Burger Night was A HUGE SUCCESS!

Our Burger Night was A HUGE SUCCESS!
If there's one thing that people often tell me is missing in their life, its a like-minded community of friends. 
People are so busy staring at their devices and communicating on social media, that they are missing out on real life interactions. Many people are losing the ability to hold a conversation with another human being. This is very evident when you go out to cafes and restaurants, and couples are often out for dinner staring at their phones rather than chatting to each other.
Our Burger Night was an fun evening of building new friendships, eating amazing organic food and everyone had no choice but to communicate with each other, because devices were left at the front door!

Our night kicked off with a group of us sitting in a big circle introducing ourselves and sharing what we do. I felt so blessed because we were surrounded by such a cool group of like-minded people!
The gorgeous Hannah Clare lit up our night and set the mood with her beautiful soul soothing music, as she strummed her guitar and sang to us with her mesmerising, angelic voice.

People sat, eagerly waiting for the first course to be served. A delicious barebecued vegetable Shish Kebab drizzled with a Spicy Cashew Satay Sauce. This was better than I expected and one was not enough, but we had to save room for what was coming next!
Our main meal was a huge, gourmet Lentil Pattie Burger, loaded with salad, creamy nut cheese and a tangy tomato relish!
To finish off the amazing line up of organic cuisine, we were served my latest creation……a decadent, gluten-free, plant-based Sticky Date pudding! Omg, it was the best!!
The rest of the night was filled with interesting, conscious conversation and plenty of laughs as everyone mingled the night away!

This night was a great example of how to socialise and connect, looking into each other's eyes, talking to humans rather than staring at mobile phones!
Stay tuned for our next community-building evening and Organic 3-course Dinner!
- Damian.