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Damian! Your Revive powder is AMAZING! I’ve been having it every morning in my smoothie, and feel like I could bounce off walls, I have so much energy! I’ve also had comments on how much my skin is glowing now! Thank you!!!

Asha Nicole

I’ve been on Revive for about Week and Omg!… It’s been a revelation!.. Thanks for your attention to detail and your passion for it! The quality in the bottle is palpable… Gonna get some Chaga now!Great work!

Jeremy Sheldrick

Damian, I wanted to personally thank you for truly inspiring me. After hearing your first talk and then attending your workshop it has made me think about everything put in or on me and I’m making so many changes where ever I possible can and trying to get as many people to do the same. You have opened up a whole new world for me and reignited my passion to pursue health in every aspect of life.

Sugar Free Sisters

I am so glad to have found SuperHealth. I’ve been looking for a most cost effective solution to Nascent Iodine and this is the one I’ve found in bulk that is the cheapest. I have found it resolves period pain, skin conditions, anxiety and most of all aids in preventing cancer – which is what I was originally after. Thank you.


I have been using Damian’s products for about 2 years now for myself personally, and also within my business to personally develop clients health awareness, get people back in touch with their bodies, and to help people meet their nutritional needs on a cellular level.


My clients have experienced weight loss, health improvement, energy revitalisation, an end to food addictions and have grown personally, spiritually and emotionally through their work and incorporating Superhealth’s amazing and carefully selected nutrition into their lives.


Damian is passionate, helpful and knowledgeable and an amazing wellness coach to have in your life.


Joann Farkas is a Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist, Spiritual Nutritionist and Founder of Pure Soul Wellness

Joann Farkas
Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist & Spiritual Nutritionist and Founder of Pure Soul Wellness

When I first met Damian I had been dealing with poor health and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years and I wasn’t in a good state.


Damian himself had overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using an organic, wholefood and superfood approach with certain detox principles and I knew as soon as I had spoken to Damian that he would play a pivotal role in my recovery and longevity and I was right.


Damian’s simple and effective protocols enabled me to detox physically and mentally and his support throughout my journey and even to this day is unwavering and genuine. Currently I am living with amazing health, energy and vitality and am doing all the things I thought I would never be able to do again , even simple things like working full time, exercising etc without fatigue. Sometimes minor things still arise if I slack off too much but overall I could never of dreamed I would be this well again.


One of my favourite formulas is Damian’s signature formula Revive! This is the main product that started giving me my life back and that I continue to take to this day! Revive literally has so much goodness going on with the perfectly synergised combination of superfoods, adaptogen herbs and medicinal mushrooms that your body is able to absorb and utilize these nutrients with ease and your body will love you for it! This is definitely the reason I currently have so much energy and vitality and I cannot praise this product enough!


I have also used many other products that Damian has in his SuperHealth range and they all have their place for activating specified healing and functionality. Damian also sources some of the highest quality supplements and organic foods that I have come across in Australia. I am forever grateful for Damian, his integrity and passion for helping others and his amazing products.

Bianca Walter

My friend Cameron suggested you and your products and I came to see you at Subiaco Markets and brought the above products and they have been amazing for me.


I used to see a Haematologist due to my low iron and whatever he recommended me made me feel worse than what I already did.


Since using your products I have felt amazing so thanks 


I will be recommending you to my friends and I am sure you will see my face quite often. Thanks again.

Nicola Harvey

I found SuperHealth at the Conscious Living Expo where Damian spent over an hour talking to my father and me about the products and sharing his story.  He was full of knowledge, inspiration and had an amazing amount of energy! I immediately wanted some of what he had, and bought Revive Superfood Powder and Marine Phytoplankton.


From the first day of taking the Revive superfoods powder I felt amazing. I thought I was very healthy before, I ate natural foods and was seeing a good naturopath, but I constantly had to push myself to do all the things I wanted to do in the day. The immediate effects of these products were so much more than I could have imagined, or experienced with anything else. I’ve got so much energy, I’m getting twice as much done and I don’t have to fight afternoon slumps.


Besides the increased energy my appetite is much more balanced, I had issues with food and constantly felt hungry and grazed all day. Now I nearly always feel satisfied, which I believe is because my body’s no longer sending signals to eat more because it is depleted in vitamins and minerals. Life feels easier and I feel more capable, motivated and inspired to follow through with my life’s purpose.


My whole family’s now taking Revive and they have exactly the same results. I’ve seen a massive change in my mum, she used to wake up every morning sluggish and she always said how tired she was. Now she wakes up early full of energy and I haven’t once heard her complain of feeling tired.


It’s exciting to know these products are going to help so many others and bring a lot of healing both physically and emotionally.


We’re all very grateful to Damian for bringing these products to us and would absolutely recommend them to everyone.


I have had osteo-arthritis now for 2 years and the pain has been quite severe in my hands, hip and feet. The pain in my right hip was so severe I had a hip replacement 15 months ago. I could hardly turn over in bed because the pain in my left hip was so severe.


I have been prescribed Panadol Osteo, Naprosyn and Celebrex by the GP which I was taking on a regular basis – finding that the Panadol and Naprosyn worked very well for the pain control but not too well for the gut.


Last November a friend put me onto MSM powder saying to take a teaspoon a day. I was willing to try anything to help with the pain and to decrease my intake of pills. After taking the MSM for 3 months I decided this was just another one of those so called miracle cures that just don’t work UNTIL I happened to be at the Subiaco markets one Saturday morning and came across Damian. I had nothing to lose so had a chat to him and he told me I should be increasing the dose to 3 times the amount of MSM I was currently taking in conjunction with another supplement he recommended.


WELL – since doing that, I have not had ANY medications and that is now 80 days! Drug Free! And pain free! I am loving it. I love calling in to see Damian – he quietly drops little pearls of wisdom without pushing anything onto you – it is up to you to pick up on these little pearls. He is always very willing to answer any questions I have.

Margaret Davies


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