Medicinal Greens Smoothie Hack!

Medicinal Greens Smoothie Hack!

Smoothie-Hacks---Medicinal-GreensGet Creative with your Green Smoothie
and trade-in the Kale and Spinach
for some interesting medicinal greens!

I wanted a really potent energy lift today so I collected a variety of greens from my garden to make this epic, uplifting beverage.
Ideally I would have loved to add fresh cannabis leaves to this smoothie to really boost the healing effects, but because of our uneducated politicians, it's illegal here in Australia.
Fresh cannabis leaves will not get you high, and they have profound anti-inflammatory effects on the human digestive tract, not to mention the amazing anti-cancer effects.
These are the greens I used:
?Brahmi, the memory herb, has the ability to enhance cognitive function. This amazing herb is also an adaptogen that helps your body cope with stress and it's a great natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety herb.

? Stinging Nettle is a great diuretic helping the kidneys to eliminate excess fluid from the body. It's also great to help detoxify the body, support prostate health and it is a natural anti-inflammatory.
? Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and iron. Parsley also acts as a diuretic eliminating excess fluid from the body and it supports detoxification.
? Rocket (Arugula) is rich in isothiocyanates which have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. Rocket is loaded with nutrients that protect the eyes and helps eliminate Xenoestrogens (the toxic chemicals that cause hormonal problems) from the body.
? Angel Grass is a powerful anti-cancer herb that supports the immune system. Angel Grass purifies the blood, suppresses cancer cells and strengthens normal cells. This herb has been taken alongside chemotherapy to protect the heart muscle from chemical poisoning.
? Rosemary is known for stimulating mental clarity but its also a great anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory herb. Rosemary helps to detoxify the liver and helps with bile production, improving digestion of fats.
1 cup organic frozen Mango
1 handful of mixed medicinal greens
2 tablespoons Hemp seeds
400ml Spring water
Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth, then pour and enjoy! Garnished with fresh Brahmi sprigs


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