Joann Farkas

I have been using Damian’s products for about 2 years now for myself personally, and also within my business to personally develop clients health awareness, get people back in touch with their bodies, and to help people meet their nutritional needs on a cellular level.

My clients have experienced weight loss, health improvement, energy revitalisation, an end to food addictions and have grown personally, spiritually and emotionally through their work and incorporating Superhealth’s amazing and carefully selected nutrition into their lives.

Damian is passionate, helpful and knowledgeable and an amazing wellness coach to have in your life.

Joann Farkas is a Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist, Spiritual Nutritionist and Founder of Pure Soul Wellness

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Gillian Quirk

About the author

Gillian Quirk

With a background in graphic design and advertising Gillian is the channeller of Damian’s vision into the SuperHealth brand. Gillian’s main focus is to build SuperHealth as a business and a community through the online store and out in the world through the marketing, events and communication channels.