I found SuperHealth at the Conscious Living Expo where Damian spent over an hour talking to my father and me about the products and sharing his story.  He was full of knowledge, inspiration and had an amazing amount of energy! I immediately wanted some of what he had, and bought Revive Superfood Powder and Marine Phytoplankton.

From the first day of taking the Revive superfoods powder I felt amazing. I thought I was very healthy before, I ate natural foods and was seeing a good naturopath, but I constantly had to push myself to do all the things I wanted to do in the day. The immediate effects of these products were so much more than I could have imagined, or experienced with anything else. I’ve got so much energy, I’m getting twice as much done and I don’t have to fight afternoon slumps.

Besides the increased energy my appetite is much more balanced, I had issues with food and constantly felt hungry and grazed all day. Now I nearly always feel satisfied, which I believe is because my body’s no longer sending signals to eat more because it is depleted in vitamins and minerals. Life feels easier and I feel more capable, motivated and inspired to follow through with my life’s purpose.

My whole family’s now taking Revive and they have exactly the same results. I’ve seen a massive change in my mum, she used to wake up every morning sluggish and she always said how tired she was. Now she wakes up early full of energy and I haven’t once heard her complain of feeling tired.

It’s exciting to know these products are going to help so many others and bring a lot of healing both physically and emotionally.

We’re all very grateful to Damian for bringing these products to us and would absolutely recommend them to everyone.

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Gillian Quirk

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Gillian Quirk

With a background in graphic design and advertising Gillian is the channeller of Damian’s vision into the SuperHealth brand. Gillian’s main focus is to build SuperHealth as a business and a community through the online store and out in the world through the marketing, events and communication channels.