Forest Bathing

FREE EVENT! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! This is a FREE event! After a huge success with our last 5 Forest Bathing Experiences we …

10 November @ 10am SHARP

10 November @ 2pm
Mundaring Weir Hotel



This is a FREE event! After a huge success with our last 5 Forest Bathing Experiences we are doing it again!! Spring time is here and it’s time to get some Forest Therapy!

Are you feeling stressed, out-of-balance, confused, anxious or depressed? Are you suffering from a disease or are you needing some fresh inspiration?

Well the first thing I would prescribe for you is a good few hours of Forest Bathing No that doesn’t involve getting naked but it does involve bathing in the forest energy.

The Japanese call it Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “Forest Bathing”. A practice used widely around the world to assist people to disconnect and detox from the digital matrix and helps reduce stress hormones within the body.

It’s time to have a break from WiFi and the Internet and take time to nurture your INNER-NET so you can tap into your divine guidance and be filled with a clear sense of inner-knowing.

Are you ready for a completely rejuvenating experience in nature with a group of beautiful conscious like-minded people, sharing great conversation and meeting new friends?

I am going to take you out into a lush green forest in the Perth Hills for a journey of sensory immersion amongst nature. We turn our phones off and leave behind all of our worries as we head out for a gentle walk amongst the trees taking time to observe the plants, the birds, the animals the insects and to feel the deep connection to this earth. We get to breathe in the clean air and refreshing aromas of the health-enhancing terpenes that are being continuously released by the trees and plants.

Terpenes are the fragrant molecules that have profound healing effects on our physiology and they have been scientifically proven to boost your immune system, reduce high blood pressure, de-stress your body by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing stress hormones and allowing us to feel less fatigued.

During this experience, we take time out for ourselves to clear our mind and allow the nature energy to saturate our cells with new life and vitality.

You will need:
– Backpack
– Enclosed shoes
– Thongs/flip-flops
– Plenty of clean fresh drinking water
– Healthy snacks
– A towel or yoga mat to sit on
– A journal or note pad
– Natural insect repellent

We won’t be in the direct sun very much as we are sheltered by the trees but just in case I would recommend packing:
– A hat
– Organic sunscreen

We will be meeting outside of the Mundaring Weir Hotel and then going on foot into the forest🌲at 10am SHARP!!.

☠️Please refrain from wearing any colognes, perfumes, chemical fragrances or deodorants as they will interfere with our ability to smell the natural aromas of the forest. Essential oil based products are welcomed.

We will spend about 3 hours immersed in nature, 2 of those hours will be in complete silence and the other 1 we will have time to quietly converse, snack on healthy food and share our inspirational insights with each other..

Just to make it clear to everyone…….. this Forest Bathing Experience is not a hike. It is a very chilled 1km walk from Mundaring Weir hotel into the forest.

There is a short 100 metre, fairly steep incline as we enter the forest but that is it. We spend most of our time relaxing in the forest and I will have someone driving my van behind us for anyone who cant walk the 1km, there’s room for 5 people max.

This is a FREE event and anyone is welcome to join us. I am looking forward to taking you on this beautiful healing experience, see you there!

– Damian Donoghue