Naturopathic Consultations with Amanda Ledwith

Amanda has been active in the natural health industry for over 15 years. Working as a Naturopath for over a decade, Amanda has experience in addressing a broad range of health concerns. She is particularly passionate about digestive health and developing personalized wellness plans. Previously owning Prana Health Food & Organics she has been recommending SuperHealth’s products for the past 5 years and shares Damian’s passion for the importance of organic, clean eating and its power to help heal the body!

Amanda is very passionate about helping people to reach their full health potential and specialises in Gut Microbiome testing and Genetic Wellness testing. These powerful diagnostic tests allow for a very personalised approach to healing, so she can develop a wellness plan based on your own personal biology.

How she can help you:

  1. Cut through the conflicting advice and help you to gain clarity.
  2. Support you through your personal health challenges.
  3. Keep you accountable to the health and wellness goals you set for yourself.
  4. Gain confidence knowing you are taking the appropriate steps to look after yourself and/or your family.
  5. Set your kids up to thrive and grow, knowing that they are getting the nutrients they need to flourish.
  6. Educate you about the most important foods and supplements your body needs and why.

Naturopathic Consultations 

  • Consult will cover a range of questions about your diet and presenting symptoms
  • Iridology – analysis of the colour and structure of the iris (coloured part of the eye) which helps to determine strengths and weakness of the body’s organs
  • Treatment plan includes dietary, nutritional and herbal supplement and lifestyle advice
  • Additional tests – Gut Microbiome, Genetic Wellness, Hair Mineral/Heavy Metal, Saliva Hormone for Women and Men, Adrenal, Thyroid, others available.
  • Every Thursday or via Skype

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