Margaret Davies

I have had osteo-arthritis now for 2 years and the pain has been quite severe in my hands, hip and feet. The pain in my right hip was so severe I had a hip replacement 15 months ago. I could hardly turn over in bed because the pain in my left hip was so severe.

I have been prescribed Panadol Osteo, Naprosyn and Celebrex by the GP which I was taking on a regular basis – finding that the Panadol and Naprosyn worked very well for the pain control but not too well for the gut.

Last November a friend put me onto MSM powder saying to take a teaspoon a day. I was willing to try anything to help with the pain and to decrease my intake of pills. After taking the MSM for 3 months I decided this was just another one of those so called miracle cures that just don’t work UNTIL I happened to be at the Subiaco markets one Saturday morning and came across Damian. I had nothing to lose so had a chat to him and he told me I should be increasing the dose to 3 times the amount of MSM I was currently taking in conjunction with another supplement he recommended.

WELL – since doing that, I have not had ANY medications and that is now 80 days! Drug Free! And pain free! I am loving it. I love calling in to see Damian – he quietly drops little pearls of wisdom without pushing anything onto you – it is up to you to pick up on these little pearls. He is always very willing to answer any questions I have.

I am very happy to recommend Damian.


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Gillian Quirk

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Gillian Quirk

With a background in graphic design and advertising Gillian is the channeller of Damian’s vision into the SuperHealth brand. Gillian’s main focus is to build SuperHealth as a business and a community through the online store and out in the world through the marketing, events and communication channels.