Brayden’s journey to health began 13 years ago when he found himself studying the book ‘The Chemical Maze’. His curiosity was also influenced at an early age by his older brother, Damian, as he observed his strong interest in health, and quickly found his own passion for what seemed to be a very positive and energetic way to live. Brayden has always been athletic, so he was familiar with the importance of eating well but as he started to include superfood nutrition into his life he noticed his health strengthening and his recovery time improving! From here on, his quest to fuel his body with the most amazing nutrition had begun! Brayden has since become a Personal Trainer and experiments with fasting, regular detoxing and now works alongside of his older brother, living everything organic and healthy!

Brayden is in a peak state of health and fitness and spends his time managing and running SuperHealth’s events. You’ll see him holding down the fort at The Secret to Vibrant Health, Vegan Food Feast and One Day Workshops! Come say hi!
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Gillian Quirk

About the author

Gillian Quirk

With a background in graphic design and advertising Gillian is the channeller of Damian’s vision into the SuperHealth brand. Gillian’s main focus is to build SuperHealth as a business and a community through the online store and out in the world through the marketing, events and communication channels.