1. Accept Cookies

We don’t store any financial information on our website, but you’ll need to accept cookies so that your user data is remembered next time you visit our site. You’ll see a yellow popup at the top or bottom of your browser screen (depending on what type of device you’re using), just click ‘Accept Cookies’.

2. Clear your Browser Cache

Depending on which browser you’re using and what your history and security settings are, you might not be seeing the latest, up to date version of our site and this may be affecting your shopping cart. There is usually a button to clear your cache in your Browser Settings or Preferences.

3. Disable any Ad-blocker software, VPNs or other third party browser security software

Some of these software, while they have the best intentions, may be affecting the communication between your computer and our website (especially if the software uses Cloudflare systems). Turn them off for a moment while you finalise your checkout, and then turn them back on afterwards.

4. Try a private Browser window

This will remove any history setting or third party software that may be affecting your shopping cart. Most browsers, on most devices have the option of opening a Private or Incognito window.

5. Try using a different device to checkout

If you’re logged into your SuperHealth account we’ll have your cart saved, and you can complete your purchase on a different device.

 6. And if none of these options work

You can always call us in the office on 08 9293 1718 Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm, or email us with your phone number on info@superhealth.com.au and we can process your order manually.