Bianca Walter

When I first met Damian I had been dealing with poor health and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years and I wasn’t in a good state.

Damian himself had overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using an organic, wholefood and superfood approach with certain detox principles and I knew as soon as I had spoken to Damian that he would play a pivotal role in my recovery and longevity and I was right.

Damian’s simple and effective protocols enabled me to detox physically and mentally and his support throughout my journey and even to this day is unwavering and genuine. Currently I am living with amazing health, energy and vitality and am doing all the things I thought I would never be able to do again , even simple things like working full time, exercising etc without fatigue. Sometimes minor things still arise if I slack off too much but overall I could never of dreamed I would be this well again.

One of my favourite formulas is Damian’s signature formula Revive! This is the main product that started giving me my life back and that I continue to take to this day! Revive literally has so much goodness going on with the perfectly synergised combination of superfoods, adaptogen herbs and medicinal mushrooms that your body is able to absorb and utilize these nutrients with ease and your body will love you for it! This is definitely the reason I currently have so much energy and vitality and I cannot praise this product enough!

I have also used many other products that Damian has in his SuperHealth range and they all have their place for activating specified healing and functionality. Damian also sources some of the highest quality supplements and organic foods that I have come across in Australia. I am forever grateful for Damian, his integrity and passion for helping others and his amazing products.

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