13 great recipes designed and developed by Damian Donoghue, Superfood Specialist and Owner of SuperHealth.com.au.

Recovery Protein Balls – A great snack after exercise to aid muscle recovery and to boost the immune system.

Glow Bliss Balls – This is a great healthy treat for kids or busy people on the go, high in antioxidants and great for the immune system.

Kick Start Smoothie – A very powerful energy boosting and highly rejuvenating beverage that many people have told me “it has changed their life for the better!”.

Super Pre-Workout Energy & Brain Booster – It literally turns your brain function on and gives you amazing ability to focus!

Detoxifying Immune Boosting Lemonade – This lemonade is a very powerful cleansing smoothie that stirs up a lot of acidic toxins.

Toxic Oestrogen Eliminator – description coming!

Rejuvenation Elixir – This elixir has an amazing ability to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation