Damian Donoghue

Health Educator, Superfood Specialist and Founder of SuperHealth

Like most children, Damian grew up in a world surrounded with chemicals, consuming conventional, toxic food. It was not until his early twenties, when he found himself living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, he realised a much healthier lifestyle was in order for him to regain quality of life. It was at this point his health journey began.

Damian spent many years working in health stores, researching and furthering his knowledge which enabled him to completely turn his whole life around, and he healed the Chronic Fatigue over an eight year period. He has now been in the health industry for over 16 years and has dedicated his life to helping others heal themselves and reach a level of vibrant health and vitality.

Building SuperHealth from the ground up as an avenue to provide the highest quality Superfood and detoxification products to the people of Australia, Damian now travels Australia educating people on how to achieve a state of vibrant health and lead happier lives.

He is constantly researching new cutting edge health practices, experimenting with superfood recipes and formulas and bringing the best new pieces of information to you through this website and his facebook page

Gillian Quirk


Design, Marketing and Business Development

With a background in graphic design and advertising Gillian is the channeller of Damian’s vision into the SuperHealth brand. Gillian’s main focus is to build SuperHealth as a business and a community through the online store and out in the world through the marketing, events and communication channels.

You can have a chat to Gillian about any marketing opportunities you might have for SuperHealth, collaborations, events, products or technical issues with the website! She’ll be more than happy to help!

Gillian doesn’t have much free time as she’s always finding new hobbies to play with! Painting, drawing, sewing and making anything she can get her hands on! She’s especially fond of cats, growing her own food, reading, travelling and science fiction!



QLD Warehouse Manager

As Damian’s beloved sister, Renee has been experimenting with the SuperHealth range for many years now. Renee now incorporates most of the products into her family’s life and shares her understanding and years of research on the products with her business Rise Organics.

Renee is also our east coast Warehouse Manager, ensuring that if you live on the eastern side of Australia, you receive your delivery on time.

An ambassador for balance and giving each and every person equal opportunity, Renee’s true passion lies in sharing her families’ experiences and inspiring others to lead the best life they can. Proud mum to Oakleigh and Oasis, she is always busy juggling work, sports and school activities.